Apple iPhone 4 Versus 4s Spech Comparison

To determine which ones qualify to vote what the Apple iPhone 4 Versus 4s, I compare the two in terms of the physical, hardware, and software. Let’s start to condense the writing of cape wrote mainly because he …

 Apple iPhone 4 Versus 4s and physical (design)

You won’t see much difference physically, both similar and identical. The same glass and solid aluminum alloy. If, however, there seems to be a distinct black stripes carefully on the side of the body 3 pieces on the Apple iPhone 4 while the iPhone 4 s 4 pieces. In addition, they also have different weight and dimensions of the iPhone 4, dimensional weight 137gr 114.3 x 36.4 x 9.3, while the iPhone 4s x 115.2 58.6 140gr weight x 9.3 dimensions.

Apple iPhone 4 Versus 4s that are different in terms of hardware


iPhone 4 carrying the A4 processor with 1000MHz ARM cortex-A8 core singgle. iPhone 4s carrying the A5 processor with cortex-A9 dual core 800 MHz. It seems that the iPhone 4s goes far beyond the iPhone 4, though the iPhone 4s stamped brought the processor speed 800 MHz but the difference in the number of core making iPhone 4s are superior.

RAM Memory

There is no difference of capacity of RAM being used well. Both carry a capacity of 512 MB of RAM. It needs to be emphasised here if you compare Apple iPhone 4/4s with the smartphone operating system Android air air currently average over 1 GB RAM capacity is of course not the rate. Because the Apple iPhone and Android device that is running a different operating system (iPhone with iOS) and of course with the need of the use of the RAM in the different activities. Read the reasons why the iPhone is small.

Graphics processor

For both image processing using different devices, namely the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s PowerVR SGX535 543MP2. Phones that carried the iPhone 4s significantly superior when used to play games.

Internal memory

the iPhone 4 is equipped with an internal memory of 8 GB is the largest to smallest 32 GB. Whereas the iPhone 4s are equipped with smallest and largest internal memory 16 GB 64 GB. From here iPhone 4s is superior because it is available with 64 GB of memory.

Display (screen)

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s are both equipped with 3.5 LCD IPS Inc., 600 × 960 resolution, depth of 326ppi pixel, color 16,777,216, and features multi-touch, light sensor, proximity sensor. But there is an extra feature on the iPhone 4s is oleophobic coating. Read also showing iPhone 4/4s is easily damaged.