Apple iPhone 5 s Price And Specifications

Apple has always been accustomed to release one type of cell phone but with different variants. Both of these variants are distinguished by size, internal memory of Apple iPhone 5 s Price or of performance. As the iPhone has 5 branches of such type namely iPhone 5s will we discuss on this occasion.

iPhone 5s have specifications which are not the same as compared to its predecessor. The difference is very noticeable on the battery’s capacity is slightly larger. But the iPhone battery 5s only can last a maximum of 10 hours of usage per day.

See a brief reviews about Apple iPhone price 5s, will certainly make you increasingly wonder and curious with what the heck is owned by iPhone price 5s. To answer it all, we’ll bring the specifications and reviews iPhone price 5s continues with the advantages as well as drawbacks, owned by the mobile phone, the following more iPhone mobile phone 5 Series:


  • Already using the famous fast LTE networks
  • Processor Apple A7 which will be upgraded to a newer version
  • Supported with a capacity of 1 GB RAM
  • The main results of the cool camera 8 MP
  • The screen is protected with anti scratch resistant gorilla glass type
  • Large internal memory capacity

A shortage of

  • Small screen resolution only 640 x 1136 pixels
  • There is no additional microSD slot
  • Small battery capacity only 1560 mAh
  • Use only the selfie camera lens 1.2 MP

Apple iPhone 5 s Price October 2016


Furthermore, the 5s on the iPhone was launched in September last year 2015 is not found the existence of unique features such as fast charging. Frankly, because it’s not another new product as it is now emerging with a menggunggulkan toughness mobile phone and disuduhkan many features. But iPhone 5s always Captivate users.

One thing that might be a consideration when buying iPhone 5s is because the hosts mobile phone design from Apple is always formed in stylish and simple. No neko-neko yet looks fancy. iPhone 5s only provided a single home button on the front and a few important buttons usually there are generally mobile phones.