HTC Quietly Brilliant Hard Reset Tips and Tricks

When we use Android, especially those that have a good specification, users should use it as much as we need. We can use the HTC ONE M8 to do our work, have fun with entertainment, and also a small or large game play without any problem, because it has good specs and 2 GB RAM is great. There are many applications of Google Play Store.

Many applications from different developers. Sometimes the application itself is not always compatible with the HTC One M8. HTC smartphone being hang or jammed or bricks or broken or frozen or LCD touch screen not responding. In this situation we have to force the soft reset to make it work from a fresh state again. Then we have to do a hard reset or format.

HTC Quietly Brilliant Hard Reset

Option 1, Hard reset HTC One M8 with the settings menu. It is a choice that we can do if the HTC One M8 can still access the settings menu, then try to reset the HTC One M8 with this step. Turn On The HTC One M8. We recommend that you charge the battery full. Make sure you have backup all important data, as it will be deleted from the HTC One M8. Go to Settings Menu > > Storage factory Data reset. Select reset phone, proceed with Erase everything. HTC One M8 will do a master reset to finish.

Option 2, Hard reset phone of HTC One M8 smart phone with key lock hardware. In some situations, the LCD of the HTC One M8 did not respond, so nothing happened when we navigate or touch HTC One M8, in this step try to hard reset with lock hardware. Fill full battery HTC One M8. Backup all important data. Press together the power button + Volume down. Go to Factory Reset. Master reset.