Huawei Ascend Y300 Hard Reset Using Buttons

Switch off your phone Android Huawei Y300 U8833 and remove the battery and reinsert after a few seconds. Press and hold both Volume UP + power button for about 15 sec. to Andorid recovery menu appears. Select factory reset/delete the data. (scroll down with VOL down.) Select with the force. (may be changed to Vol UP). Scroll down to the last Yes deletes all user data. Press power to confirm. After all is done the power press to reboot the system now. After the removal of the data has been completed you are done. Reset Huawei Y300 do.

Or if your phone responds to the input screen, then open settings from the application menu. Tap backup & reset > factory data reset; Click Reset phone, and then remove all to format the phone. Turn off your phone. Copy the dload/ in the root directory of the microSD card. Insert. Press the VOLUME up and VOLUME DOWN, and then press the POWER button power on the phone and enter the Software Upgrade mode. Progress bar stops, after phone will restart.

General Advice

Before you buy a new phone or tablet, please try the following procedures to repair your device in a software manner. The first charges your battery, backup your important data if possible and in most cases take the SIM card and SD before doing factory reset. Impossible to restore your data after doing a hard reset, so the online backup is always important. For all your data, backup must be performed on external devices, hard drives, raid systems, or the media.

With or without insurance, if your phone is lost, damaged or stolen at least your precious data backed up in a safe place. If you are selling your cell phone and you have to remove your personal data, or if your cell phone is exposed to with the virus you must perform a hard reset. In some cases, you can remove the password or key pattern from your device as well.