LG vs HTC One M8 Specification

If you are an Android user who not only to Samsung smartphone, LG and HTC G3 one M8 you might top two alternatives when it comes to choosing a high-end smartphone. HTC the flagship has all the good looks and premium metal casing, but LG G3 almost free panel design and a bigger screen size makes it very attractive, too. So which one should you choose? Both are the same in terms of processing power, but each offers a unique experience. Let’s break it step by step, so you know You made the right choice.

G3 M8 and one that is supported by your version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor quad-core 801 and 2 GB RAM. However, the clock speed in the G3 with 2.5 GHz, slightly faster than with a clock speed of 2.3 GHz M8, and it offers optional RAM upgrade to 3 GB. Theoretically, this should put the G3 only the hair above the M8 in terms of performance, but when it comes to the benchmark results, M8 actually scored better.

LG vs HTC One M8

In the 3DMark’s Unlimited ice storm test, G3 print 17.457, while HTC one M8 gets 20.600. However, the real life use, both phones do equally well while searching on the Web, YouTube video streaming and viewed through a post on Facebook. In our minds, G3 and a M8 attached to this one.

LG or HTC G3 one M8 is the impressive smartphone, strong and beautiful. Two of the flagship Android so evenly matched, we find it difficult to choose a winner. In the end, it came down to a couple of small things. HTC one M8 might have a high-end metal body, sleek design, and a great camera, but at the end of the day, we prefer LG G3 with big screen, almost zippy processor frame, free, useful software features, and long battery life. HTC one M8 is the telephone, too, and we’re sure many of you will actually enjoy using it.