Time Zone on iPhone 7 isn’t Updating Automatically

Time Zone on iPhone 7

The default setting for your iPhone 7 is to update the time zone automatically. What you need to do at the first time you get started with your iPhone 7 is to set the device clock to update based on what time zone it is in automatically. You can set it up by tapping the Settings > General > Date & Time and then drag the Set Automatically slider to On or Off. After this setting, your iPhone 7 is supposed to update your time zone on its own. However, there are some cases where the time zone won’t update automatically as reported by some iPhone 7 users. Because of this problem, you will see the wrong time and date displayed on iPhone 7. Surely it is not a good new when the time zone on iPhone 7 isn’t updating automatically. Here in this post, we will share everything we know about how to solve this time zone which is not updating automatically.

How to fix when time zone on iPhone 7 isn’t updating automatically

If you find the time zone on iPhone 7 isn’t updating automatically like it is supposed to be, you can try to solve this problem by turning off the Set Automatically setting. Just by turning off this “Set Automatically” on the setting, you are now able to set the Time Zone, Date and Time manually. After all, if the problem remains and the iPhone 7 still displaying the wrong date and time, the following steps could be the potential solution to this problem:

  1. If you are not already using iOS 10.2 on your iPhone 7, update your phone immediately.
  2. Next, restart your phone and try updating the Time Zone again. In some cases, restarting the phone can solve some problem.
  3. Change the setting, go to Settings > General > Date & Time and turn the “Set Automatically” setting off and then turn it back on to see whether the phone is still having the same problem or not.
  4. Check for an update to find out whether there is a Time Zone update available. Normally, your iPhone 7 should let you know when there is an update available, and you’ll be prompted to restart to get the update. If you don’t get any notification related to this update, you can manually check for an update by going to the previously detailed Date & Time page. But once again, you will be notified about this update if it is available.

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