LG G6 Display

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LG G6 Display

The new flagship of LG is finally announced with a bunch of new designs and features by removing some signature features of the LG G series. On the previous model – LG G5 – the company created its display with a 5.3-inch screen, with a QHD resolution of 1440 x 2560. With 5.3-inch screen size, the G5 has about 554ppi. The company put an upgraded IPS LCD which includes always-on display functionality. With this always-on display, LG G5 shows all notification icons so that it is easier for the users to see all their notifications. Now, it is fascinating to see what improvements have been made by the company to the new flagship. Will it have the same design for its display like we can find on its previous model? We are here to give you everything we know about all improvements of the LG G6 display.

Bigger size and richer colors

LG G6 comes with a bigger screen size that is 5.7-inch, which is 0.4-inch larger than the screen of its predecessor. The company made the screen of the LG G6 display comparatively narrow top and bottom borders to make the size manageable and comfortable when holding it in one hand. Usually the most smartphones on the market use 16:9 aspect ratio, but LG has made it different on the new handset. LG G6 uses 18:9 aspect ratio for its display, which makes it taller than most smartphone displays on the market. With this aspect ratio on its display, the company also supposed the design to support Split-Screen app which allows the users to view two split-screen side-by-side. With the new aspect ratio, the users will have two same-sized squares for viewing split-screens.

On the new flagship, LG has created the display with quad-HD, which translates to 2880 x 1440 resolution. Besides that, the company also added both standards of HDR (high dynamic range) to the display of the LG G6, those are Dolby Vision and HDR10. By adding both standards of HDR, the new flagship has richer colors, and better clarity in the dark includes shadowy scenes to HDR-supported content.

More rounded design

Based on the company’s press conference, the new concept of LG G6 display brings the idea of more rounded design for each corner. The company claims that the more rounded corners make the screen less prone to cracking when the phone drops. Long before the official announcement of the G6, people are expecting for the new flagship to have more durability for its glass screen. Then with this new corner design, LG G6 display is supposed to have more “balanced silhouette” as the company pointed out.

At a glance, with the more rounded corners on the LG G6 give it an interesting look. The rounded corners of the new smartphone match the rounded corners of the phone more nicely. We may not see this matching design on the other design of most smartphones.