iPhone 8 VS Galaxy S8: Specs And Feature Comparison

I’m usually want to try and put out the fires of fanboy war but for one video let’s dump some gasoline on those flames and compare at least rumor wise the Galaxy S8 versus the upcoming iPhone 8 or iPhone X the flagship old iPhone that’s been rumored for several months caveat here. These are totally based on stories this is nothing has been written in stone or fact but I’m basing it off of the most prominent rumors that we’ve heard some of this could come true all the cooking come true, and the opposite is none of it could come true having a hypothetical discussion on the iPhone 8 versus the Galaxy S8.

I think for the first time in several years I’m more excited for what Apple suppose it was coming out with then what Samsung is releasing in just a few weeks let me tell you why 2017 marks the 10-year anniversary original iPhone. First of all, it’s crazy that a decade has gone by there’s been a ton of conflicting rumors doesn’t know what’s going to call the iPhone 7s could be an iterative phone then the launch the rumored iPhone 8┬áis gonna be the flagship their thousand-dollar phone. That’s gonna have a curved OLED panel facial recognition our capabilities one-touch idea of kind of a multi-function strip on the bottom improved optics better battery and going to be again extremely expensive is kind of what I am basing this comparison video off of that expensive flagship phone.

From this website: We also expect that if it does launch to watch with a more intuitive maybe 7, it looks like the current body just a little better features Samsung side seeking to bring a ton of thunder with the Galaxy S8 and their rebounding from the Note 7 debacle at the Note 7 didn’t have its battery issues. I think that seven would have been our favorite phone of the year so same time would have been riding high now I believe they ‘ve got a lot riding on the success of the s8 remember your fresher looking at probably an inch curved display forget the Snapdragon 835 chip four gigs of ram.

We don’t know the resolution screen that kind of seems to go back and forth, but you’re probably gonna settle on a qHD panel thinner improved optics in that. As well I also should have faster wireless charging course the VRT abilities that Samsung has been known for Gear VR and also about the Note 7 line is done it should be the first phone you can buy from Samsung. It’s gonna be using USB C no slouch in its right and excited to see that phone, but I think what Apple’s got is finally something new for the past five or six years for Apple I’ve been saying this is the year this year.

We’re gonna get pictures injuries had for a while we’re going to get wireless charging gonna happen this is the year, and then you know iPhone 5 iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6 iPhone 7. No dice we’re getting a lot of really exciting things map was probably the first phone in about four years been a huge change. From design, language apples had a very first iPhone screen atop circular button down below that’s going to change again all allegedly based on the rumors devil does completely ditch the touch ID button relying again on retinal scanning official recognition. Things admittedly Samsung has hand and windows phones have had in the past. That will be how you use Apple pay and others just using your face, and it’s not like the old-school Android way of using your face unlock the phone scanning the red-nosed using the lines on your face again just like hold up a picture or video.

To get the phone to open looks like a lot of cool things that other competitors have had for awhile are coming to the iPhone as well as that beautiful OLED screen figure device curved all the way around. I’m excited I’ve been let down I think by a pass like a lot of you guys have two despite them being the number one phone been in the world and I’m selling just millions and millions and millions of phones. I might not be excited by the iPhone 7 but certainly, a lot of you are, and they sold again just between leg up but time, and like a bajillion of them, so it’s somewhere in between that those phones are flying off the shelves Apple certainly doesn’t have to do anything recipes working. But I think this iPhone X is going to be the perception shifted at least for Apple what you guys think am I like way-way off my cotton distortion field again with Apple.

Even though they haven’t destroyed anything yet nothing has been announced just got thinking the office tracking about. What’s coming planning our schedule for the next few months we got kind of excited about after getting shot something has happened for a while we thought we believed out of you guys and saw what you think about if you’re excited for the iPhone X with the iPhone 8. I’ll just have to call it and the Galaxy S8.