Apple iPhone X Rumors

A mistake worth millions leaves uncovered the secrets of the iPhone X. Every time a new iPhone comes to market, speculation accumulates while Apple tries to keep the secret for the release date. It is not yet confirmed the iPhone 8, but a mistake, that would be worth millions of dollars, of its developers have revealed two important innovations of its next new device and confirms some of the rumors that already ran.

iPhone 8, iPhone edition, iPhone Pro or iPhone X

The name is still unclear. iPhone 8, iPhone edition, iPhone Pro or iPhone X will be the tenth-anniversary edition of the world’s most popular smartphone. This model is expected to imply a revolution, a radical change with a redesign that will leave behind the old Apple schemes.

Precisely the redesign is one of the rumors that the failure of the developers has confirmed. Apple’s employees were testing when they mistakenly published firmware codes. Other programmers detected them and realized that it contained very significant tracks on the iPhone 8.

The iPhone of the tenth anniversary will barely have borders, only at the top of the front camera, speaker and sensors. This design eliminates the iconic home button, the button square on the bottom that Apple includes on all iPhones as well as on IPad. The silhouette of the device would be like that shown by one of the developers who detected Apple’s carelessness in the following tweet:

Another of the features revealed by mistake by the company that presides Tim Cook is that it can be unlocked with the face. The iPhone will feature a sophisticated facial recognition system through a 3d facial scan. It is not known whether this system will be the end of the fingerprint recognition ID or whether both systems will coexist.

Apple has not confirmed These changes, but on other occasions, the leaks of novelties on their smartphones have been completed to confirm. Another novelty that could include, although the company’s failure has not discovered this, is a wireless charging system.