iPhone 2018 Will Leave OLED ?

This year’s Apple Flagship comes with a series of breakthroughs, ranging from non-bezel screens, OLED screens to face scans. The OLED screen itself is expected to deliver the iPhone to the next era. But apparently, OLED technology will not complete the ranks of the iPhone in 2018. The reason, the technology giant, is rumored to be back using LCD for the next iPhone.

According to a report from Barron, who quotes Jun Zhang from Rosenblatt Securities, said that the iPhone next year is likely to use the LCD in some variants. This is done to reduce the price of the iPhone that has been known expensive.

‘We believe Apple can lower the cost of iPhone X by using the LCD screen in the next year, so the iPhone 8S becomes a product that is more different from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Although in the end, Apple use the LCD, Zhang hopes Apple also bring back the features of iPhone X in 2018. So that becomes the main differentiator is the screen technology alone.

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Apple itself does not produce the OLED display independently. The Cupertino-based company uses an OLED screen powered by Samsung. Thanks to the cooperation, Samsung also reap a profit when the best-selling iPhone X sold in various countries. Reports from market analyst firm Counterpoint Technology Market Research said that Samsung would generate USD110 or equivalent for every iPhone X that was sold until the end of summer 2019. Similarly, as reported by Ubergizmo